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The LSS Eco Committee

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The Eco Committee

The Lawrence Sheriff School Eco Committee is a proactive student-lead body which has consistently worked to reduce our school's environmental footprint.  The Committee has spearheaded numerous initiatives and improvements across the school site. Such projects include implementing plastics recycling and distributing a brand-new fleet of our trademark wheelie bins, boosting biodiversity by renovating seed beds and conducting "Switch it off!" campaigns to reduce Sheriff's carbon footprint.  Work to promote environmentally-friendly behaviour both within school and the wider community has proved successful, and the committee will continue to embark on new projects in the future.


“Change attitudes - change actions - change the world.”

By Oliver (Y10)


Aims and purpose of the Eco Committee

The Eco Committee’s ultimate goals are to improve the sustainability of our school, raise awareness for the environment, and drive positive change for the future.

Reduce our use of non-sustainable goods

Reuse what we can so we don't need to make more.

Recycle what we can't reuse, so that it can be used somewhere else.

Repeat these actions, make them into habits and slowly but surely better our world.


The Committee

The Eco Committee runs as an enrichment on Tuesdays and Thursdays. During these sessions there is a range of activities that take place all led by the students.  We strategise, complete audits, garden, plan projects and meetings to make our school more eco friendly.  We also discuss ideas for our next projects. Our members work on Kahoots, PowerPoints, and posters to raise awareness in the school community about the issues that affect our world and how we can help.


The Eco Committee within the school community

The committee focuses on different areas of the Eco Schools ten topics.  For Biodiversity and School Grounds we have created wildlife friendly areas around the school site, built bird boxes and hedgehog houses and have placed them around the school, planted trees at Hartfield and bulbs and annuals in our wildflower garden.  For Waste and Litter we have introduced school wide plastic recycling and litter picks, and are working with the canteen to go single use plastic free.  We also run yearly events and audits such as switch off fortnight to develop our awareness on the Energy topic.  For Healthy Living we have encouraged students to cycle to school and have grown spider plants and placed one in every classroom. We have raised money through activities such as Green Week and communicate with parents, the PA and Governors throughout the year.



The Green Flag Award (Distinction) 2018-2023

Woodland Trust Platinum Award 2022


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