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11+ Pupil Premium

Free 11+ Familiarisation Materials

Lawrence Sheriff is proud to be open to pupils from all backgrounds. We are committed to increasing the number of pupils admitted to the school who are in receipt of pupil premium (whether via free school meals, looked after or previously looked after) and the service premium so that they can access all that we have to offer.

To encourage even greater representation of such children at Lawrence Sheriff, we work in partnership with Atom Learning, a leading online Key Stage 2 learning and 11+ preparation platform, to provide students who are eligible for pupil premium with free online learning and 11+ exam preparation. 

This programme is designed to help children master national curriculum objectives and therefore supports all children make progress with their learning, it will also familiarise them with the type of questions they may see on the 11+ exam, and build exam technique and confidence. They'll be able to access practice questions, learning resources, practice papers and test materials through their Atom Home account.

If your child is eligible to receive pupil premium, please fill in the form by clicking the button below. They will be given free access to Atom Home when their pupil premium status has been verified by their primary school.

To access Atom Learning for children in receipt of Pupil premium please click here.

In addition, did you know that…

  • Pupils in receipt of pupil premium (whether free school meals, looked after or previously looked after) and service premium are prioritised in our admissions policy and may be admitted with scores of up to 20 points below the qualifying score.
  • Pupils in receipt of pupil premium will be provided with 10 hours of free online materials with FROG, once they have registered for the 11+, to help familiarise them with the style of questions in the 11+ tests. This is in addition to the free access to Atom learning.

 Did you know that once you join us your child will...

  • Benefit from tailored support via our Pupil Premium Champion
  • Gain additional support in providing materials needed to support their learning. This can include the basics such as pencil case, calculators, and uniform but can also include text books and tutoring.
  • You will also receive additional support towards school trips and activities.
  • We can also provide help with transport costs and tailor our support to your circumstances.
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