Year 8 Trip to Paris 2016

Paris 2016


On a cold dark morning outside of Lawrence Sheriff school, a double-decker coach pulled away with its 61 children and accompanying staff led by Mr Gaffin. Despite it being an early morning, everyone was enthusiastic and in high spirits on the inevitable long journey to Paris. We arrived at our accommodation early evening and after our first diner in Paris, Sheriff settled in to the first evening of games.

After breakfast our first full day of activities began with some familiar weather sent our way from England; it was tipping it down! Therefore, our first sight, the French market, was a little of a let down as the French shop owners didn’t seem to like to sell in the rain! Sheriff then continued on into central France to the Centre Pompidou. The ‘inside out’ art gallery as it is often referred to, displays modern artwork as well as an interesting exterior. The artwork was open to interpretation as many were unsure how a plain blue canvas could be called art. However, Mrs Wall was on hand to explain the joys of the work.

Our next destination;  La Grande Arche de la Défense had astonishing views and later we visited La Défense, which is the largest shopping centre in Europe and many took advantage of the many shops. We were given money today to buy our lunch and this was a great opportunity to practise our French with many boys using their skills effectively whilst others took advantage of the fact that most people spoke English anyway!

The following day, we were soon off to the greatest landmark in Paris - la Tour Eiffel. Apart from three people and poor Mr Gaffin, Sheriff set off up the many, many steps of the Eiffel Tower. The views from just the second floor were exceptional with all taking lots of photos. Some also bought souvenirs, despite them being extremely expensive.


That day we ate our lunch in the middle of many different street sellers, at the highest point in Paris; Sacré Coeur, a church. Next stop was the science museum which was very interactive. That evening at our accommodation, we took part in a fun quiz organized by Mrs Standing and Mr Grove. In the ‘Guess Who’ round, we learned different things about the teachers; did you know that Mrs Standing holds a world record?

On our final full day in Paris, we visited the stunning Notre Dame, with its elegant stone carvings. Had the quickest tour ever of le Louvre, with our guide stopping for no one! We enjoyed a boat tour, went shopping briefly on the Champs-Élysées and finished with a meal at a restaurant. We saw the Arc de Triomphe as well as the carnage around it! The traffic was something that you had to witness and there didn’t appear to be any rules of the road! We returned to an awards evening. Awards given included: I will not go to the loo, the most on fleek dab and the keenest of beans award.

Sheriff’s final visit was to le Stade de France. where we all ran out onto the pitch like football stars, maybe one of us would be the next Zidane!

It was now time to head home after a fantastic trip and we would like to thank Mr Gaffin and the teachers for organising it.

Au revoir la France!

Harry Butler

Year 8









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