Year 8 Trip to Paris


LSS Students in Paris

A bus finally arrived outside of the school to take 55 year 8 students and 5 teachers on a long journey to Paris. 10 hours later, we arrived at the youth hostel and met the animateur before unpacking, eating dinner and sleeping for our first night in Paris.

 The next day, we started off by visiting le Château de Versailles, the former home of the French royal family. It was the largest and most luxurious Château I think any of us had ever seen, full of expensive paintings, ornate designs and a (fake) golden fence at the front. Afterwards, we went into Paris for the first time and we headed straight for the business district to do some geography. It was home to la Grande Arche and les Quatre Temps, a shopping centre which after the geography, we were able to look around. Did you know that le louvre, Arc de Triomphe and le Grande Arche are in a perfectly straight line? We then visited the Arc de Triomphe before walking down les Champs-Élysées back to the bus.
IMG 4208 On our third day, we were up early for the best part of the trip, visiting the Eiffel Tower. It would have been easier to take the elevators but that would take away the fun, so we climbed the 674 steps to the second floor of the tower. The views from there were amazing and everyone had their cameras out. We also had a chance to look around the souvenir shops there and buy anything from pens to €0 notes. We then went back down to the ground and ate our lunch on the grass in front of the Eiffel Tower while being urged by street sellers to buy their cheap souvenirs.

IMG 4143

We then went to Monmartre, the tallest hill in Paris. There, we visited Sacré-Cœur, a well-known church and afterwards we went to a market. Apparently this was the first year no one was pickpocketed! We then went to the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, the largest science museum in Europe. We were given 2 hours to look around before we got on the bus and went back to the youth hostel. After dinner, we were given a five-round quiz which left us with a bit more knowledge and everyone eager to find out who the winners were.
IMG 1293 On our 4th day, we started off by visiting another market, this time one that had a lot of food. We then split into groups of seven and were given money to buy lunch, which we then ate in a park. We were encouraged to speak French and while some of us tried, one commonly spoken phrase was “Parlez-vous anglais?” Afterwards, we went to la Cathédrale Notre-Dame.

IMG 4186

There we did a quick walk through it, took a few pictures and did some more geography. Once we had finished the geography, we walked to les Halles (another shopping centre) and then Centre Pompidou, a museum of modern art with all of its air vents, plumbing, pipes, electrical cables and even its stairs on the outside. It had some nice artwork, however not everyone thought that a blue canvas could be considered as art. Afterwards, we went to a restaurant for dinner before heading back to the youth hostel.
IMG 2270 Our final day started with us packed and eating breakfast by 7:30, leaving the youth hostel at 8:30 and arriving at le Stade de France at 9:30. We were given a tour around the stadium, and were even able to go right up to the edge of the pitch. Even I, who doesn’t like football or rugby, thought that the tour was really good. We then boarded the bus and embarked on the journey back to school.

Thank you to all the teachers involved for this brilliant trip.

 R Pomerleau 8WRLW


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