In the UK, as in many other countries in the world, the number of students taking demanding A level courses such as Physics has been decreasing steadily over the last twenty years. The Royal Society has stated that the number of students studying Physics at A level has decreased by 37% since 1991. In the Physics Department, at Lawrence Sheriff School, we are aiming to buck the national trend by making Physics a more intriguing option that students will want to take further. More importantly, we are aiming for results at both GCSE and A level that will attract students and make them feel confident that the teaching is of an excellent quality.

Over the last 10 years, the Physics results at both GCSE and A level have been excellent, with consistently 70-80% of students achieving A* to B grades at A level and 9 to 7 grades (formerly A* to A) at GCSE over this time. More importanty, we provide a high level of value added. In addition to excellent results, we offer extra enrichment with Gifted and Talented days, lecture visits, and an annual Year 13 trip to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva.

Due to the increasing popularity of the subject at AS, the number of students at this level has risen from around 30 in 2006, to over 60 at the current time. We are fortunate in that we have 4 dedicated Physics teachers in our Department, all of whom teach Sixth Form groups. This allows us to give great variety in teaching style, as most sixth form groups are shared between two teachers.

Years 7-8

Science is taught in House Groups throughout Years 7 to 11. The Physics components of this are taught with a largely practical orientation, with allowance for enquiry and discussion time.

Year 7 topics are all related to Energy
Year 8 topics are all related to Forces and Motion.

Years 9-11

Course: Physics GCSE
Board: Edexcel
Specification Code: 1PH0
How course is assessed: Two equally weighted examination papers

Years 12-13

Course: Physics A level
Board: Edexcel
Specification Code: 9PH0

How course is assessed: Three examination papers (Paper 1 30%, Paper 2 30% and Paper 3 40%)

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 Students’ views …

“Inspired greater interest in the subject” “A variety of visual aids and experiments were used to explain theories” “Supported me, answered my questions, and helped me when I was stuck!” “Opportunity for lunchtime and after school advice and revision was invaluable”

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