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The Physical Education department is made up of 4 specialist PE staff: Mr Sellers, Head of PE and responsible for Hockey, Football, Table Tennis, Tennis and Golf; Mr Shaw, responsible for A level PE and Badminton; Mr Price, responsible for Rugby, Basketball, Cross-Country and Athletics and Mr Gregory, responsible for Cricket. We also have numerous staff from other departments who help support the provision and delivery of PE and extra-curricular sport.

The Department believes in developing student’s skills, knowledge and understanding of Physical Education and Sport in order to facilitate pupils in becoming independent learners. Pupils develop physical, social, cognitive and affective skills enabling them to have the desired aim of becoming involved in life long active sport and leisure.

We aim to give all students the opportunity to learn and enjoy a variety of physical activities whilst educating them about the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle and regular exercise.

We have high expectations of our students in terms of behaviour and levels of effort in lessons. When representing the school we have similar expectations and strive for success in all sports.

All students in all years take part in the same range of activities, however, the techniques and skill levels are tailored to the ability of each year group.

Single PE (SPE)

Single PE lessons are based at school and are 45 minutes long. Here students take part in a range of activities, including Gymnastics, Fitness, Badminton, Basketball, Table Tennis, Dodgeball, Handball, Football, Cricket, Rounders & Softball

Double PE (DPE)

The whole year group will be on DPE at the same time, and therefore the students are set in ability groups. ‘Top Set’ will normally have two members of staff and will work with 30-40 students.  DPE Lessons are based at our playing fields, Hartfield which are a mile away from the main school site. Students walk down to Hartfield in groups during break or form time so that we can maximize the amount of physical activity in lesson time. In the summer term we also use the athletics track at Ken Marriot leisure centre.


Our facilities include a fully equipped sports hall, a fitness suite (incorporating 10 rowing machines) and the Hart Field which hosts 4 rugby pitches, a grass cricket square, 3 outdoor cricket nets, a football pitch and a full sized all weather pitch, with 12 tennis courts during the summer term

We offer a large range of extra-curricular activities with rugby, hockey and cricket being very popular and successful. We have strong links with community sports clubs and many of our students represent both the school and local clubs.

Extra-curricular sporting activities are promoted and provided within the school where competition is seen as a vital learning experience. There have been several sporting tours in recent years, including South Africa (rugby), Essex (cricket) and Manchester (hockey and rugby).

House Competitions

Lawrence Sheriff School works with a House System. There are four Houses, each named after an important person from the school’s past. The Houses are:

  • Caldecott (Purple)
  • Simpson (Green)
  • Tait (Maroon)
  • Wheeler (Blue)

These Houses compete in lots of sporting competitions throughout the year. Results are collated and scores given. The House with the most points will collect the Parents’ Trophy in the House Awards Assembly in July. Competitions include:

  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Cross country (Wheeler Plate)
  • Dodgeball
  • Football
  • Fitness
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis

These competitions either take place during DPE, lunchtime or special half days depending upon the events and the timetable.

PE Uniform

Outdoor Physical Education Uniform

This uniform will be used for the double physical education lesson in the autumn and spring term. The uniform will consist of the following:

  • LSS House Rugby Shirt – the reversible colour (dependent upon the House)
  • Navy blue rugby shorts
  • Navy blue socks
  • Navy blue tracksuit bottoms (without zips) during extreme weather
  • Rugby/football boots
  • Shin pads
  • Mouth guard - COMPULSORY
  • Scrum cap (non-compulsory)

Indoor Physical Education Uniform

This uniform will be used for the single physical education lessons, and the summer double physical education lessons. The uniforms consist of the following: 

  • White T-shirt with House Colour (dependent upon the House)
  • Plain white shorts
  • Plain white socks
  • Sports Trainers (not fashionable plimsolls)

No student will be allowed to partake in any activity without the correct physical education uniform.

If a student fails to bring the correct PE uniform then they may use the Department’s ‘spare kit’.

We also have a range of training kit for students who represent the school teams. This includes, training tops, hoodies, shorts, rain jackets and socks. These items can be purchased through Gilberts but are not compulsory.

Physical Education Ill or Injured Policy (information given to the students)

  • If you are ill or injured and feel that you need to be excused from physical education then you will need to bring in a letter from your parent or guardian.
  • You are required to attend this lesson as this letter will excuse you from physical activity and not from the lesson.
  • You are assessed on 5 areas, of which only 2 are practical and therefore you are still able to gain a high level of knowledge and understanding of physical activity.
  • Furthermore you will be required to bring your physical education kit. You will be allowed to bring extra suitable layers, navy blue tracksuit and a rain jacket to wear.
  • This will enable you to get changed into dry clothes if it does rain during your lesson.



Merits are given with the discretion of the member of staff, apart from the Hospital Run and MSFT where there is set criteria.  Merits are collected and added towards the House total.

House Colours

House Colours (a material badge with the House emblem) are given to students who have represented their House in one of the House Competitions. House Colours are given for outstanding attainment, effort or spirit. House Colours are presented at the House Assembly in July.

Junior Colours (Year 7-11)

Junior Colours (a school tie) are given to students who have reached or performed at a higher standard for the school, for example being selected for Midlands or winning a regional competition. Junior Colours are presented at the House Assembly in July.

Senior Colours (Year 12-13)

Senior Colours (a school tie) are given to students who have reached or performed at a higher standard for the school, for example being selected for Midlands or winning a regional competition. Senior Colours are presented at the House Assembly in July.

Individual Trophies

Students are awarded individual trophies for their sporting performance over the course of the sporting season. Awards include ‘Player of the Year’ and ‘Most Improved Player of the Year’ for the vast majority of sports.

Paul Mason

Paul Mason was an extremely talented all round athlete who was passionate about physical activity and sport, and valued the opportunities he was offered at Lawrence Sheriff School. Paul not only represented the school, district and county at sport he was committed to house sport, recognised its importance and competed in all activities. 

This award holds a major honour.

Extra-Curricular Sport

We pride ourselves here at LSS in our commitment to providing the very best extra-curricular sport to our students. All staff put a considerable amount of time into running extra-curricular practices and matches

We have representative teams in all sports and enter all competitions both locally and nationally. We have had great success over the years in a whole host of sports from Cross County to Table Tennis as well as in our more traditional sports of Cricket, Football, Hockey and Rugby.

We have an extensive fixture list in all sports and hold regular structured training sessions at lunchtimes and after school with the support of local community sports clubs and coaches.

We strive to help all of our students in their extra-curricular sport and provide support wherever necessary.

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