PE Dept.

The PE Department is made up of 4 specialist teachers;
Mr Orford Head of PE and MiC of Football. 
Mr Sellers Head of House and MiC of Hockey. 
Mr Gregory Head of House and MiC of Cricket. 
Mr Barton MiC of Rugby.

We are also supported by Deputy Head Mr Chislett who is part of the A-level PE team alongside Mr Orford and Mr Gregory. 




Our curriculum is designed to offer breadth and range whilst affording plenty of time to traditional sports. We aim to give all students the opportunity to learn and enjoy a variety of physical activities whilst educating them about the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Sports covered as part of the PE Curriculum include; Rugby, Football, Hockey, Cricket, Basketball, Fitness, Gymnastics, Cross-Country, Athletics, Badminton, Tennis, Rounders, Softball, Ultimate Frisbee, Dodgeball, Handball, Volleyball, Table Tennis.

Typically students benefit from 6 PE lessons per fortnight, 2 x Singles, 1 x Double and 1 x Double Games.

- Single PE lessons are based at school and are 45 minutes long.

- Double PE lessons are usually delivered at Hart Field and are between 60-90 minutes long.

- Double Games lessons are delivered at Hart Field in the afternoons are 90 minutes long.

Students have the chance to represent the school and compete in both extra-curricular sport and inter-house competitions.

A-Level PE

So that we may play our part in helping students with a passion for our subject follow a career in sport we offer a two year A-Level PE course overseen by the exam board OCR. It is a thorough and rigorous programme of study where students are expected to be assessed practically in one sport, complete a verbal analysis examination as well as written exams covering; Applied Anatomy & Physiology, Exercise Physiology, Skill Acquisition, Sports Psychology, Contemporary Issues in Sport, Sport & Society, and Biomechanics.

Typically students will be taught in small groups utilising the expertise of 3 different teachers across 6 lessons per week.

Our students go on to study courses such as Sport & Exercise Science, Sport, Physical Education & Coaching Sciences, Physiotherapy, and Sports Management Studies at some of the top academic institutions.


PE Uniform

Outdoor Physical Education Uniform: This uniform will be used for the double physical education lesson in the autumn and spring term. The uniform will consist of the following:

  • Gilbert House Rugby Jersey – the reversible colour depends upon the House the student is associated with.
  • Gilbert Navy blue rugby shorts
  • Gilbert Navy blue socks
  • Rugby/football boots
  • Shin pads – COMPULSORY (Football& Hockey)
  • Mouth guard – COMPULSORY (Rugby& Hockey)
  • Scrum Cap – COMPULSORY (Rugby)

Indoor Physical Education Uniform:

This uniform will be used for the single physical education lessons, and the summer double physical education lessons. The uniforms consists of the following:
  • Gilbert White T-Shirt with the LSS Griffin – the colour depends upon the House the student is associated with.
  • Gilbert white shorts
  • Plain white socks
  • Trainers – no mixed footwear or ‘barefoot’ is permitted in PE for any activity.

    No student will be allowed to partake in any activity without the correct physical education uniform.  All kit must be labelled or marked with the students name.
    We have a range of Gilbert training gear that is available to purchase (see the school shop website).

Illness or Injured Policy

 If a student is ill or injured and feel that they need to be excused from physical education then they will need to bring in a letter from their parent or guardian.  This will have to be handed to the physical education teacher at registration of that lesson.  Students are still required to attend this lesson as this letter will excuse them from physical activity but not from the lesson.

Furthermore students will be required to bring their physical education kit and get changed. This means students are still taking part in the lesson in another role. We expect All students to get changed even if injured and take part in the lesson in another capacity (coach/leader/official). Students should attend the lesson with extra kit to keep warm and dry etc. This ensures that everyone is taking an active role in the lesson.

For long-term absenteeism, a doctor’s note will be requested.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about PE at Lawrence Sheriff School.

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