History at Lawrence Sheriff School is a compulsory subject in year 7 and 8 and a popular option choice at both GCSE and A Level. The aim of the department is to develop students’ understanding of History as part of a continuum which helps understand our present world. This is achieved through varied but rigorous learning experiences. High levels of intellectual independence are encouraged amongst students where knowledge, interpretation and evaluation of the past are a priority.

The department also aims to encourage interest in History outside the classroom; there is an opportunity to either visit First and Second World War battlefield sites in France and Belgium or Nazi and Cold War Berlin, with expert guides, for GCSE groups. There are also opportunities to visit Russia or the United States at A Level.

In year 7 and 8, the department’s approach is to strike a balance between knowledge and skills, studying British and World History within a broad enquiry framework based both on thematic and in depth investigations.

In Year 7, students concentrate on war, society and power, covering a range of topics from traditional British history, such as the Norman Conquest, to topics such as Genhis Khan and the Asante kingdom.

In Year 8, students focus on science and religion, revolutions and the treatment of minorities, covering a range of topics from traditional British history, such as the Peasants Revolt, to revolutionary movements in Central America.  Students then decide whether or not they want to continue their study of history.

Students study the AQA History



Year 9 students focus on developing examination and thinking skills through the study of Russia and the USA between 1918-41 as well as commencing their GCSE units by looking at Germany under the Weimar Republic.

Year 10 students continue their study of Germany, now focusing on the growth of the Nazi Party and the development of Germany under Hitler’s rule. In addition to this, students cover the Cold War from 1945-72. Finally, students will start their study of Migration, People’s and Empire.

Year 11 sees the completion of the Migration, Empire and People topic as well as studying the role of Edward I in the development of Britain. This also includes their historical environment study that changes focus every year but is based upon a part of Edward I rule.

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