Food Technology

Food Technology

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Course outline for KS3
During Key Stage 3 (years 7 & 8) all pupils have three or four lessons a week of Food Technology, as part of a six week rotation block.

Pupils engage with focused designing, making & evaluations of their food dishes.  Food hygiene & kitchen safety is covered along with the correct methods needed to prepare ingredients – for example, peeling & chopping; the rubbing in method & the all in one method.  The function of the ‘Eatwell Guide’ & the role of nutrients are researched along with how to shop for ingredients.  The importance of portion sizes & the seasonality/cost of fresh produce are also discussed.  

Food dishes the pupils make include recipes such as: soups, smoothies,  cakes, pizza, scones, pancakes, flapjack, chilli wrap, fish bake, flat bread & bread rolls.

Course outline for KS5

During Key Stage 5 (years 12 & 13) all pupils have one lesson of Food Technology as part of the PSHE rotation every half term.  Pupils are also encouraged to engage with the enrichment sessions offered, to cook once a week for a term.  All ingredients are provided with the pupils making & testing various short recipes to give kitchen confidence in readiness for life away from home – when at university for example. 

Food dishes the pupils make include recipes such as: fruit muffins, Chinese chicken noodles, macaroni cheese, cookies & souvlaki.   

Student quotes
Comments from pupils in years 7 and 8 include:
‘Food tech is enjoyable, not just a sit down lesson.  We are given free rein to achieve’


‘The recipes are not too difficult – all pupils can do them’


‘Food tech doesn’t feel like a lesson – it is more independent, making our own meals’


‘We are able to just get on with it, making more ambitious meals that are easy to remember and nice to eat’


‘We build on skills each year’


Comments from pupils in years 12 and 13 include:
‘I really enjoyed the cooking enrichment - the food is delicious and the skills I learnt will be useful for the rest of my life’


‘A very beneficial and extremely fun experience that will teach you to cook tasty treats’


‘Cooking with Mrs Poppa is fun – she makes cooking enjoyable.  The food I have learned to cook has been quick and easy and has made me realise that cooking can be fun’


‘Supplement Facts: Ingredients – Tasty treats, excitement and deliciousness.
Allergy advice – May contain traces of awesomeness.


Serving suggestion – All year long!’


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