Extended Project

Extended Project

In an innovative programme, Lawrence Sheriff School offers Project and Extended Project lessons to all of its students. Lawrence Sheriff School has embraced the philosophy and ideology behind this valuable qualification, and have developed a programme that allows all students from years 7 to 13 to acquire the skills and knowledge that this qualification promotes.

The Level 2 Project qualificationis equivalent to half a GCSE and encourages students to develop the independent research and analytical skills that are so important in preparing students for both further study and the world of work.IMG 2409

The Extended Project (Level 3)is a demanding qualification, which is equivalent to half an A Level. Many universities see the Extended Project as extremely valuable in developing skills in analytical thinking, independent learning, extended writing and presentation.



Outcomes from both Level 2 and 3 projects can include investigations, performances, dissertations or artefacts.

Years 7 & 8

Course offered: Higher Project

Board: Edexcel

Specification code: ZPJ20


Textbook: Edexcel Level 1 and 2 Projects: Student Guide (Edexcel Projects) (Project and Extended Project Guides)by Mr John TaylorPaperback

Year 7: In Year 7 students have one Project lesson a week which focus on teaching the students the skills that they will need to complete a level 2 Project in year 8. These skills include generic study skills, research skills, learning to learn, speaking and presentation skills.

Year 8: In Year 8 students are timetabled for discrete Project Lessons. These lessons consist of both taught modules and opportunities for independent study, which will lead to the production of a Level 2 Project. Taught modules involve ethical enquiry and thinking and reasoning skills. After the taught modules, students work towards a Level 2 Project Qualification independently.  Over the duration of the year they complete a project that is entered as a half GCSE through Edexcel. 

Years 9-13

Course offered: Edexcel Level 3 Extended Project

Board: Edexcel

Specification code: ZPJ30

Website: http://www.edexcel.com/quals/project/level3/Pages/default.aspx

Textbook: Level 3 Extended Project Student Guide (Project and Extended Project Guides)by Mr John TaylorPaperback

Year 9: In year 9 students are timetabled on a rotation of 20 lessons for Extended Project.  Lessons consist of critical thinking and study skills, which will provide them with the necessary attributes that they need to successfully complete a Level 3 Extended Project.

Year 10: In Years 10 and 11 students are able to opt to take a Level 3 Extended Project qualification and this is completed over the course of the year.  Their completed project is entered as an AS Level through Edexcel.  Throughout year 10 students research and write an Extended Project.

Year 11: Students continue writing their Extended Projects throughout the duration of year 11.

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Sixth Form Prospectus

Student Quotes

Extended Project is…

“…a fantastic opportunity for students to improve their dissertation writing skills, as well as a great way to learn about something that isn't on the school syllabus”

“…a way to learn and discover things you never would've dreamed of finding”

“…a great subject in which students have the freedom to develop their knowledge in a subject of interest whilst gaining a great qualification”

“…a good subject as it teaches us useful research and essay skills which are vital in later life”


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