Exam board: AQA
Specification code: 4133

Course overview
Unit 1: Setting up a business

This unit introduces the issues concerning the setting up and operation of a business. It explores the activities of business and the reasons for success or failure. It encourages candidates to appreciate that businesses must operate within society, and that this involves businesses engaging with a wide range of stakeholders who will hold differing perspectives.

Assessment: 1 hour exam- 60 mark/ 40%.

Unit 2: Growing as a business
This unit builds upon the knowledge gained in unit one. The focus here turns to the growth and expansion of a business.

Assessment: 1 hour exam- 60 mark/ 35%.

Unit 3: Controlled Assessment: Investigating Businesses

Based on a pre-released case study students will be required to investigate a small business.

Assessment: Written assignment- 40 marks/ 25%.

 This is a linear course so all GCSE examinations and external assessments will occur during Year 11.

You can expect to:

    • Learn about real entrepreneurs and what it takes to succeed.
    • About the four key business functional areas including marketing, finance, operations and HR.
    • Learn about different stakeholders and their expectations.
    • Run a fictional mini business venture
    • Work in teams and present information on a wide range of business topics.     
    • Learn the tools needed to run a successful business venture.

Students’ views …

“I enjoyed participating in the Strings marketing challenge and designing our own advert.”

“At the beginning I found running my own football sports shop difficult. The internet game was addictive and made me put things I learnt in class into action.”

Where does it lead?

Through the study of this subject students will gain an understanding of the world of business and develop the skills necessary for reading a variety of subjects at university. A large proportion of our students have gone on to study Business, Economics, Mathematics and Social Sciences as well as languages. Others have pursued a more vocational route and have undertaken apprenticeships at well-known engineering and financial institutions.

Course overview
Students will cover the following topics: 

Year 1: Advanced Level Business

Theme 1: Marketing and People

Theme 2: Managing business activities

Year 2: Advanced Level Business

Theme 3: Business Decisions and Strategies

Theme 4: Global Business 

Through the use of corporate case studies, videos and ICT; students will gain a broad understanding of these key topics. In addition to gaining a range of transferable skills such as data analysis, building arguments, recognising and solving problems; students will learn to write detailed essay and carry out research.

You can expect to:

    • Learn about a wide range of private and public sector organisations, the markets they serve and how they add value.
    • Investigate businesses from the perspective of a range of different stakeholder group.
    • Undertake group work and independent study.
    • Develop numeracy, research and presentation skills.
    • Write extended responses and reports.
    • Learn about the current structure of business and business practice.
Students’ views …
“I enjoyed the course as topics were related to businesses I knew. I also found our business scrapbooks useful as I was able to keep all my business research in one place.”

“I initially found writing essays very difficult but once I learnt how to structure them I started to achieve really good grades.”

“Our trip to America was amazing!”


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