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The Griffin Teaching School Alliance offers a comprehensive training programme for Primary and Secondary Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) designed to complement the personalised induction programme provided in the NQT’s own school. Our 2017/18 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme comprises three events throughout the academic year. Events are open to NQTs teaching in all key stages, but our workshops are divided by phase to allow us to offer a more tailored training experience. All sessions are offered as twilights from 4pm-6pm.

Our speakers are local in-service teachers, who provide hands-on, practical advice that NQTs can use immediately. All are experts in their respective fields and all have worked extensively in delivering CPD. Since all speakers are currently teaching, their strategies and tips are always of immediate benefit to NQTs. 

Amongst the top priorities for NQTs is the need to build a positive working relationship with their classes, which includes behaviour management techniques that allow the teacher to manage the classroom while maintaining the focus on teaching and learning. Our first workshop, ‘Classroom Ethos and Relationships’, will provide a collaborative session which offers a guide to planning for behaviour as well as providing on-the-spot, practical behaviour management techniques. Our later sessions will look at maintaining a healthy work-life balance and managing other adults within the classroom and wider environment. Please continue to look back for further details.   

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Image: was taken at the NQT celebration event at Ansty Hall Hotel on 15th June 2016.

Tea, coffee, and light refreshments are provided so that NQTs can network and chat with each other. This is particularly important for NQTs who are the sole trainee at their school. 

Please contact Chris Blay for further information on any of our NQT events.
NQTs are also encouraged to follow us on Twitter: @NQTWarwickshire



Classroom Ethos and Relationships (Wednesday 4th October 2017 @Avon Valley School, Rugby)
Join us for a collaborative session which focuses on practical behaviour management techniques, which can be evaluated and used in your own classroom.

Getting the work-life balance right (Tuesday 7th November 2017 @Lawrence Sheriff School, Rugby) 'Postponed until Spring Term'
Join us for workshops which focus on how to achieve and maintain a healthy work-life balance. We will look at marking, teaching resources, and discuss, trial, and debate a range of time saving tips. 

Time-Saving Technology (Wednesday 20th June @ Lawrence Sheriff School, Rugby)

NQT flier June 20th

Technology plays an important role in the day-to-day life of a teacher. It supports our planning, marking, and assessments. Join us for a hands-on ICT workshop delivered by teachers, who are using edTech to streamline their workload and develop their own teaching practice.

Suitable for NQTs teaching in Years 6 – 13.

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