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Exams Office Staff:              

Mrs M Beaton (Examinations Officer)

Email: examoff@lawrencesheriffschool.com


Our main form of communication with students is by school email and with parents is by Insight.  Please ensure that you check there before trying to contact the Exam Office.  The exam office is not staffed for all of the holidays; the best way to contact us out of the school term is by email.  


There are some Exam related policies that can be found with the other policies under the Key Information section of the website.

Exams Guidance

In the Autumn of Years 11, 12 and 13, students are issued with a booklet covering exam guidance for that year. These booklets contain information covering the whole year including Results Day and should be kept for reference.

Exams – Dates and Timetables

Exam timetables can be downloaded from the exams downloads  Please note that timetables are for guidance only and the school is not liable for any costs incurred should dates not be accurate.  All candidates will be issued with individual candidate timetables for each exam series which resolve clashes and show the room (and generally the seat number) for each exam.  These are also available on Insight.  A note will be included in the Weekly Word when individual timetables have been issued. 

Exams – Certificates

The certificates for courses completed in August arrive in school by November.  If you are still at LSS then, you will be given your certificates at school.  If you have left, a certificate collection form would have been included with your statement of results pack. Please complete this form and return it to school.

The school is required by the exam awarding bodies to retain BTEC, GCSE and GCE certificates for up to 12 months from the date of issue. Please contact the Exams Office examoff@lawrencesheriffschool.com if you think we may still have your certificates. 

Last updated: April 2022



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